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Name: Kavan Joel Smith
Birthday: May 6, 1970
Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (raised in Calgary)
Education: Mount Royal College - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marital Status: Married
Pets: a dog named Lucy
Height: 59

Favorite SGA Episode: "Runner"
Favorite Hocky Team: Canucks

As a child he excelled in sports with an attraction for football and the martial arts. As he grew older he also found a talent for acting and after a brief stint studying economics, he received a degree in acting at Mount Royal College. Kavan splits his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver.

    Fun Little Facts:
    -- Bartended for a brief time in between acting.
    -- Kavan's mother was originally going to name him Marcus.
    -- In the "Enemy Mine" commentary, Peter DeLuise says he named Lorne after his brother-in-law.
    -- When auditioning for Stargate Atlantis, he was reading for a new recurring character (not Major Lorne).
    -- He worked in theater before going into film.
    -- Kavan did an episode of "Search Party" (1.61) and the task his team got was "Make a margarita in my pants." So his team members mixed and shook it up and then they made the margarita in Kavan's pants!
    -- Can speak French (but is a little rusty at it).
    -- Kavan is the voice of Honda Canada.
    -- Prefers not to go online and read interviews and reviews (at least not that often).
    -- He likes to read alot.
    -- When he does watch television, he usually is watching mostly cooking shows because he loves to cook. -- Kavan is a fan of basketball.